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What We Do

Strategy Development
Strategy Development/Review

We will work closely with your leadership team to assess strategic strengths & opportunities, identify your imperatives and to develop a roadmap to achieve targeted goals.

Process improvement
Systems Integration and Implementation

We have extensive experience planning, designing and implementing major systems with an emphasis on ERP. This expertise includes integrating acquired businesses, disentangling divested businesses and establishing new environments for spun off business units.

Change Management
Change Management

We will provide a wide range of change management services, including readiness assessments, identification of change resistors, and development of a change management strategy.

Organizational Effectiveness
Organizational Effectiveness

We will guide you through an assessment of organizational effectiveness to identify gaps in performance and potential areas for improvement.


Why ELB Consulting?

Why ELB Consulting

We combine big corporate experience with an ability to scale solutions to small & mid-size organizations. What differentiates ELB Consulting is that we not only assist with formulating plans and strategies, we provide hands-on support during the execution phase. Our team has a proven track record of creating strategic solutions while working closely with our clients to develop a roadmap that ensures delivery of the expected results.

Our mission is to help you align strategies with operational priorities, develop a communication plan to energize your organization while minimizing risk and disruption.

Skills & Experience

Proven Track Record

Our team has four core members, each has 30+ years experience in challenging roles that prepared us to be a valuable resources to assist you in whatever change initiative you are leading.

Gene Bernier has broad and deep experience in finance, IT, Program/Project Management and Operations. Gene has led several major transformational change initiatives including overall responsibility for two SAP implementations, several Organizational Redesigns, Mergers & Acquisitions and the spin-off of a major business unit.

Tom Rohrer has significant experience leading major system implementations, he has Supply Chain/Logistics leadership experience and has hands-on experience in the areas of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

Jeff King has a breadth and depth of experience in several areas of marketing and product development. Recently, Jeff has focused on assisting entrepreneurs and small businesses create/refine strategies around growth, product rollout and sales models.

Brian Post is an HR specialist with experience in Change Management, Training and Organizational Effectiveness. Brian has provided valuable guidance and support leading teams through difficult change initiatives.

Together we form an effective team of professionals who will guide you through challenging transformational initiatives. We have led: complex programs that dealt with technical challenges; organizational transformations that required extensive planning and robust change management; and M&A integrations with condensed timelines. This knowledge and experience enables our team to offer advice and counsel to help you effectively plan and avoid potential pitfalls.

Senior IT Leadership
Information Technology/Finance

Gene has more than fifteen years of experience in Program Management, ERP leadership and IT strategy. He has led two IT organizational transformation initiatives and served nine months as the interim CIO for Kimberly-Clark. Gene led the development of the Kimberly-Clark IT Business Plan in 2010 that delivered over $35 million in savings over three years. Gene has 20+ years of varied finance experience including: Senior Director Business Analysis (CFO) for Kimberly-Clark’s largest business unit; Director of Manufacturing Analysis; Plant Controller; Corporate Audit and Financial Systems Analyst.

Tom has thirteen years of experience leading the planning and implementation of Major Project/Programs at Kimberly Clark. He has led numerous implementations and upgrades that involved Cutover Planning and Execution while Maintaining Business Continuity. SAP Implementations and Upgrades include: ERP, APO, EWM, IBP, Vistex, Vertex

Senior Finance Leadership
Change Management

Brian and Gene have extensive experience in the area of change management. Brian has been an HR practitioner for more than 20 years. He started out developing and delivering training modules for Kimberly-Clark and later expanded his reach to include change management and organizational design. Brian is a skilled facilitator which enables him to guide organizations through challenging change initiatives. Brian gained valuable experience as the Change Management Consultant for an IT Program Management Office.

Gene's experience in this space comes from leading numerous transformational initiatives including organizational redesigns, major system implementations and mergers & acquisitions. He has actively led the design of change management strategies for the aforementioned initiatives and has a keen awareness and understanding of change management strategies, methods and best practices.

Program Management
Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Gene assumed responsibility for ensuring successful integration of back office business functions for all Kimberly-Clark acquisitions. Gene led the development of a Rapid Acquisition Integration Model to enable repeatable, consistent and efficient integration of acquired entities. He led the transition of organizational and functional responsibilities for the spin-off of Kimberly-Clark's Health Care business. This involved overseeing and coordinating critical transition activities for back office functions, establishing a Transition Service Agreement that ensured a smooth transition of responsibilities and formation of a new legal entity structure.

Tom has hands-on experience from both the business and implementation sides of the M&A process. He was the Business and Technology leader for the Kimberly-Clark Taiwan operations during a merger with Scott Paper Company. In 2005, Tom assumed implementation leadership for Kimberly-Clark mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. He has both large scale implementation experience (mergers, acquisitions) and smaller scale individual site divesture experience. Tom also played a key leadership role in the Health Care spin-off for Kimberly-Clark.

Both Tom and Gene provided leadership for all major acquisitions and divestitures for Kimberly-Clark since the mid-2000's.

M&A Execution
Program/Project Management

Gene, Tom and Brian have led a number of significant Program/Project executions that involved:
- Resource Management
- IT budgetary responsibilities
- Portfolio Management
- Data/System Preparation
- Training
- Cutover Planning & Go Live
- Organizational Readiness
- Systems Testing

Specifically, Gene and Tom had leadership responsibilities for two of Kimberly-Clark's largest SAP installations, Gene as the overall lead and Tom as the implementation lead. In addition, they have worked together in similar roles overseeing numerous upgrades, acquisitions/divestitures and the spin-off of a major business unit.

Operations leadership
Product Development

Jeff has extensive experience developing and implementing new products and innovations. He was involved in several of Kimberly-Clark's most successful product launches. Jeff developed and implemented an Insights Selling training program to aid multiple business segments within Kimberly-Clark. He has developed a number of sales tools and models when applied resulted in a significant and immediate impact on top line growth. Jeff has successfully transitioned this large corporation experience to smaller scale applications, assisting small businesses with creating a more effective marketing and sales strategy. His product development background is especially helpful to startups seeking to introduce a new product to the market place.


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Satisfied Clients

Our clients come first, no matter what. Vis mutat altera percipit ad.
Leads Major Change Initiatives
Gene was a key strategic leader, constantly driving improvements in process, tools and methods. He was repeatedly charged with leading significant change initiatives such as M&A, business plan development, large-scale systems integration and organizational transformation. He consistently delivered results, often overcoming steep hurdles and challenges.
Former Colleague
Gene guided our team through the development of a strategy and created the business plan that enable us to secure financing for a major project. I wondered if he would be able to adapt his experience with a large corporation to a much smaller setting. He made this transition seamlessly, I never felt that our concerns or issues were too small or insignificant. In fact, I always felt that my needs were the most important thing he was dealing with. I took the time to explain each step and taught me a great deal about effective management.
Non-Profit Leader
Experienced Leader
His experience gives him a great insight into the impact of change on many different areas of an organization. He is highly collaborative and trustworthy. He consistently meets or exceeds his commitments. He has an extremely high level of emotional intelligence - highly collaborative and respectfully candid when he sees an issue. He is very good at thinking through the impact of various actions and putting in place mitigation plans for issues before they become issues. I greatly respect Gene.
Business Operations Director
Halyard Health
Makes it Happen
Gene has an incredible ability to see the big picture, a visionary, yet has the ability to galvanize resources and “make it happen”. He was called upon again and again to lead critical initiatives that were complex, global and large in scale to great success. On top of it all, he is a high integrity, caring leader.

Financial/Investment firm CIO

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